On demand Cybersecurity services

- Crisis simulation and cybersecurity resilience testing
- Red team vs Blue team exercises
- Penetration testing
- Vulnerability scanning
- Phishing tests and awareness training
- Architecture review and security hardening
- Security Operation Center deployment - Response to Cybersecurity incidents on demand
- Creation and operationalization of CERT, CSIRT and SOC
- Solution of various protections
- Tightening of infrastructure and security systems
- Technical audit of IS
- Penetration tests
- San and Vulnerability Analysis
- Employee fishing tests

Consulting advisory services

- Implementation of Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO27001
- Virtual CISO
- Information security audits
- Information security risk analysis
- Roadmap and security program development
- National cybersecurity strategy
- Critical infrastructure protection plan
- Cybersecurity crisis management plan
- Security awareness training
- Digitalization and cybersecurity

Training and integration services

- Information security solution integration
- Infrastructure solution integration
- Engineering services on demand
- Cybersecurity professional training on demand
- User awareness training

Managed Security Services

- Security Operations
- Engineering services
- Incident response

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New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Keep the risk to your information system under control!.

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